The Team

Our team is a passionate group of veteran technologists and art world insiders who seek to redefine traditional structures and build a new cultural ecosystem.

Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile is a leading patron of the arts, mathematician, economist, and investor. He is widely regarded as a key architect of the digital art ecosystem, and his collection “RFC Collection" is recognized worldwide as the premiere digital art collection. Pablo was Beeple’s first collector and holds many significant and iconic works by leading digital artists such as Refik Anadol, Beeple, Pak, and Andres Reisinger among others. He also collects traditional blue-chip art, including work by Elizabeth Peyton. Pablo is an expert in tokenomics, incentive systems, and early-stage markets. He is also one of the largest global virtual landowners across the different projects of the metaverse. For the past several years, he has been actively involved in the blockchain space as an early adopter, and investor in distinguished projects. Prior to becoming a leader in the blockchain and digital art space, Pablo earned a mathematics and economics degree from Columbia University, where he returned to earn his MBA after serving several roles in finance including private banking, hedge funds, and private equity.
Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile
Founder, Chairman
Andrea Bonaceto is an NFT artist and entrepreneur. As an artist, he’s focusing on programmable art and the intersection between visual art, music and poetry. He collaborated artistically with Sophia The Robot, the most advanced AI humanoid robot in the world, and with Corriere Della Sera, the largest Italian newspaper. His work has been featured on mainstream media and exhibitions worldwide. Andrea has been involved in the blockchain and NFT space since the early days. He is among the Founding Partners at Eterna Capital, a leading investment company focused on blockchain technology. Andrea is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and has been featured as Forbes Under 30 Italy 2019.
Andrea Bonaceto
Caminos is a cultural entrepreneur, internationally renowned as a non-traditional curator, she's a cultural agitator who pioneered new ways to approach and discuss contemporary art and cultural manifestations at large. She has brought an iconoclastic and idiosyncratic approach to contemporary art and has spearheaded the creation of new institutional models that catalyze experimentation within and across artistic disciplines and foster the exploration of ideas across the fields of arts, sciences, philosophy, technology, politics and urbanism. Caminos is former Chair of Faena Art, Founder of The Reefline Miami Beach and Honeylab Creative.
Ximena Caminos
Co-Founder & Chief Cultural Strategist
Vicente joins us from one of the world's largest technology funds having acquired and operated over a dozen software companies. Vicente's roots are founded in IT consulting, and is accredited by the Project Management Institute.
Vicente Bustamante
Chief Operating Officer
Addie is a technologist and renowned researcher, she has received fellowships and residencies from Eyebeam, Mozilla and Carnegie Mellon. An advisor to multiple start-ups, venture capital partners and NFT sites, Addie is Director for Ecosystem and Technical Operations at Algorand. Addie is also a prolific contemporary artist, that has exhibited throughout the world in prestigious Museums and Biennales.
Addie Wagenknecht
Technical Advisor
Aya Mousawi is a cultural consultant and producer with fifteen years experience in the arts and culture sector. Known for delivering groundbreaking international events and exhibitions, she Co-Founded The Moving Museum, a leading global platform delivering city-wide festivals, artist incubators, residencies, dynamic public programming, and digital and physical exhibitions. Mousawi was a Consultant Strategist for Art Basel Cities, a new global initiative that expanded the Art Basel experience to cities around the world, and was a founding member of Edge of Arabia, the first international platform to support contemporary art from Saudi Arabia. Mousawi has continued her work as a consultant, advising major institutions including Heatherwick Studios, Misk Art Institute, ITHRA, and Culturunners, and has amassed a global network of creative communities.
Aya Mousawi
Cultural Director
Zoe Lukov is a curator, documentary producer and writer. In recent years, she has worked as chief curator at Faena Art in Miami and Buenos Aires, conceiving of and producing the first Faena Festival in 2018 and its follow up in 2019. She is a founding board member of Desert X, the non-profit site-specific exhibition based in California. Most recently she produced a documentary about DesertX 2021 for PBS. Her work creating new platforms for performance and embodied practices as well as her independent curatorial projects such as Fair., an alternative all women non-commercial art fair that took place within a shopping mall, have been widely lauded in the press and art circles. She started her career in the arts working with Rashida Bumbray at The Kitchen, Jeffrey Deitch at MOCA Los Angeles and Franklin Sirmans for Prospect 3, the New Orleans biennial. She was a 2010-2011 Fulbright scholar in Colombia and is a graduate of Oberlin College.
Zoe Lukov
Head of Exhibitions
Florencio Noceti studied philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires, where he was appointed professor in 2004, going on to hold the chair of Epistemology. Beyond academic life, he has collaborated extensively with private and public institutions, both home and abroad, in tracking and divulging cutting-edge contemporary thought. In that capacity, he has advised Faena Arts on the SOLEDADES lectures program in the USA, or Caja Negra Editora with their FUTUROS PRÓXIMOS collection in Argentina, and he has lectured before all sorts of audiences, from the Proa foundation back home, to the Maison de l’Amerique Latine in Paris.
Florencio Noceti
Consulting Philosopher
Nidhi has a background in the field of education management and IT. She completed her masters in Mathematics from Delhi University, India and specializes in Project Management for some of the world's largest technology and software companies.
Nidhi Chopra
Specialist Project Manager
Ana Huete is a lawyer and economist who has developed her career at international law firms such as Baker Mckenzie and Hogan Lovells, advising both multinational and start-up companies on commercial and M&A matters. She started her career at the Cultural department of the Spanish Embassy in Ivory Coast, with a fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Ana Huete
Specialist Legal, HR and Finance