Aorist About Us - Hero Image

Our elegant interface and intuitive technology makes experiencing and collecting art seamless and secure. Aorist is powered by Algorand, the world’s first Pure Proof-of-Stake blockchain platform. Algorand is also the most energy-efficient and greenest blockchain service available. Aorist’s financial partner, Circle, enables us to price artworks in US Dollars and to seamlessly accept all traditional payment methods, as well as USDC, while our cybersecurity partner, Kudelski Security, verifies on-platform transactions are secure and ensures our collectors’ assets remain safe. With the help of our partners, Onfido and SILENTDATA, we have the additional ability to perform discrete integrity checks to ensure trusted transactions between artists and collectors on our platform.

Detail of Joanie Lemercier, 'Sphere in Open Platonic Solids', 2021