Andrés Reisinger Faena Project Room, Miami. Open 3-8pm daily through to 5th December. 01/12/2021
Andrés Reisinger will present 'The Smell of Pink', an immersive multisensory site-specific installation, in the Faena Art Project Room for Aorist's launch during Miami Art Week 2021. The work invites audiences into a dream-like experience akin to stepping inside a rose quartz, surrounded by scents inspired by music and nature. The corresponding NFT will be released on Aorist 30 November 2021.
Andrés Reisinger -- The Smell of Pink
Andrés Reisinger, 'The Smell of Pink', 2021
Andrés Reisinger, 'The Smell of Pink' (detail), 2021
Andrés Reisinger, 'The Smell of Pink' (exterior view), 2021

"In Reisinger’s celestial realm, the visitor is surrounded by rose-coloured translucent curtains, and carpets of the same hue."

Andrés Reisinger The Smell of Pink
01/12/2021 Faena Project Room, Miami. Open 3-8pm daily through to 5th December.

At night, similarly tinted LED lamps, will replace the filtered daylight, to keep the otherworldly refuge illuminated. Isolated from the outside world, this comforting, encapsulating, organic and sensuous embodiment of the artist’s unique mental and virtual landscapes, will invite the audience to remain in the moment, encouraging a meditative state of deep connection with their own spiritual and sensory experiences.

Reisinger, renowned for bridging the virtual and physical worlds, will challenge long-standing prejudices about the alleged individualistic and “audio-visualocentric” nature of digital artists, by collaborating with LILFOX in the creation of a scent that will inundate the entire installation. Perfume is an elegant medium that moves and changes, it is liquid and physically tangible, but only comes to its fruition in its effervescent transition into the invisible vapor that spectators will experience with their olfactory sense. Its transition between states is absorbed and understood by the viewer’s body. The perfume and corresponding NFT are embodied as one work, yet another fusing of the physical and digital. 

The Smell of Pink is on view from 30 November, 2021 in the Faena Project Room at 3500 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, LA 33140.

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