Aorist believes in the spirit of collaborative exchange as a powerful tool to foster artistic creation. We partner with aligned institutions, platforms, and cultural programs interested in co-creating the future landscape of digital art. Together, we further our creative capacities, continuously improve our sustainability, empower artists, and build new audiences.
Aorist collaborates with Faena Art
Faena Art Pilar Zeta 30/11/2021
Aorist collaborates with The ReefLine
The ReefLine Carlos Betancourt, Leandro Erlich, OMA 10/12/2021
Aorist collaborates with Christie's
Christie's Andrés Reisinger, Arch Hades and RAC 22/10/2021
Aorist collaborates with Nilufar Gallery
Nilufar Gallery Andrés Reisinger, Milan 05/09/2012