Andrés Reisinger Nilufar Gallery, Milan 05/09/2021
In September 2021, Aorist collaborated with Nilufar Gallery, presenting an exhibition of works by the renowned Andrés Reisigner. The physical exhibition was presented during Milan Design Week 2021, and brought together three works: 'Complicated Sofa', 'Crowded Elevator', and 'Bold'. The works existed both physically and digitally as NFTs, which were minted by Aorist.
Andrés Reisinger -- Odyssey
Andrés Reisinger, 'Crowded Elevator', 2021
Andrés Reisinger, 'Complicated Sofa', 2021
Andrés Reisinger, 'Bold', 2021

"Reisinger evokes a powerful sense of ‘space-exploration’, reminding the viewer of the foreign nature of their presence within these imagined landscapes."

Andrés Reisinger Odyssey
05/09/2021 Nilufar Gallery, Milan

In Reisinger’s series Odyssey, the artist creates a contemplative exploration of three untouched otherworldly realms: Complicated Sofa, Crowded Elevator, and Bold. Each work features one of Reisinger's furniture designs, and the landscape in which each is set showcases tangible ‘samples’. In Complicated Sofa, the object is surrounded by silver particles, dust, and argent liquids. In Crowded Elevator, the chair is surrounded by raw concrete debris, indicative of the lost ancient architectural structures seen in the distance. In Bold, the chair is surrounded by dried Eeryngos flowers and Ochre crystalline minerals, alluding to lifeforms that might have once lived in this landscape. In using these ‘samples’, Reisinger evokes a powerful sense of ‘space-exploration’, reminding the viewer of the foreign nature of their presence within these imagined landscapes. Presented as a physical exhibition, the digital screen, the interactive 'samples', and the familiarity of the modern furniture create a bridge between the imagined landscapes and the concrete world. On the one hand, there are the fascinations of landscapes on the periphery of reality, and on the other, an atmosphere of ease resulting from the domesticity of furniture. Ultimately, the elements of this immersive environment combine to create a framework for the audience to reassess and reimagine their own experience of reality.

Installation view: Andrés Reisinger, 'Crowded Elevator', 2021
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