Joanie Lemercier Online Only, 16/11/2021
'Sphere in Open Platonic Solids' is an extension of Lemercier's 'Light Canvas' (2011) series, bridging the space between two-dimensional constructions and their three-dimensional environments. The series is comprised of five unique variations of the Sphere in different structures, and a single sphere on its own as the seminal work.
Joanie Lemercier -- Sphere in Open Platonic Solids
Joanie Lemercier, 'Sphere in Open Platonic Solids' series, 2021
Joanie Lemercier, 'Sphere in Open Icosahedron' (detail), 2021
Joanie Lemercier, 'Sphere in Open Icosahedron', 2021

"'Sphere in Open Platonic Solids' is the continuation of my 'Light Canvas' series. It focuses on optical illusions, and shows how audience perception can be manipulated, and so questions the very nature of perception and the notion of reality."

Joanie Lemercier Sphere in Open Platonic Solids
16/11/2021 Online Only,

The complete works have a physical counterpart. Lemercier uses 100 x 100 cm prints on Dibond as the basis of the physical structures, onto which he projects five unique mobile light sequences. The surface of the spheres is metamorphosed through optical illusion, from opaque to translucent to a polygonal structure and back again, creating a sense of mobile volume. Lemercier’s focus on simple geometrics directly alludes to the 1960s minimalist art movement, and particularly to Sol Lewitt’s Open Cubes (1974). This work will be released on Aorist 16 November 2021.

In combining compositions reminiscent of the minimalist movement and a monochromatic color palette, Lemercier situates himself in the longstanding subversive movement of conceptual art, questioning the boundaries of materiality and the philosophy of art. He marries his knowledge of modern technology and traditional minimalist aesthetics to explore the manipulation of space and human perception.

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